Production of video for training, website promotion, corporate events and YouTube channel marketing.

More and more companies are making use of video production & marketing to get their message across with greater impact to a wider audience. A Handful of Colour based in Berkshire are at the forefront of video production companies helping to make this happen and were one of the first companies to significantly lower the cost of entry for video production through an end-to-end digital workflow - whilst increasing video quality and reducing production timescales.

A Handful of Colour provide a complete video production service from our studio in Newbury, Berkshire for corporate and business clients and offer:

  • Video concept development
  • Video script writing
  • Video storyboarding
  • Video pre-production planning
  • HD video shoot & production
  • Green screen studio facilities
  • Post production & editing
  • Delivery & video marketing

More often than not, we shoot on two cameras simultaneously and increasingly integrate video from high end DSLRs, to provide a greater range of footage to work from. Our workflow is completely digital which allows huge flexibility in creative editing and the ability to make changes quickly.

Once shot and edited, we can re-purpose the completed High Definition video for any medium: for the web, for DVD, for conference projection, for insertion into Powerpoint presentations or indeed upload to YouTube or one of many other social media sites.

Video pre-production

A Handful of Colour will work closely with you from the initial stage of concept development and definition of target market through to pre-production planning including storyboarding, scriptwriting and final shoot list. It is most important that this process is included to ensure the quality of the finished result and that the final video production matches expectations.

Shooting the video

We have a core team of experienced cameramen and directors to ensure the shoot goes smoothly and everything is captured as planned. The production crew can handle most situations from seminars and other large-scale events, interviews, corporate promotional videos, training videos and product demonstration videos.

Our highly skilled camera operators make the most of the new digital technology and always shoot on High Definition broadcast quality cameras. We generally shoot on two cameras to provide the best coverage but this can be tailored to individual requirements and can also include professional still photography.

Video post-production - from import through to editing

A Handful of Colour have continually invested in state of the art equipment to ensure that we are always at the top of the game. We have a Mac based, state of the art video editing suite using industry standard software such as Final Cut Pro X for editing and compositing along with Motion 5 to handle creation of special effects and video intro’s to ensure superior quality through every part of the video post-production workflow.

Our editors import video files directly in to the digital workflow and can create compelling, special effects, transitions, animations and titling.

Voiceover’s from our freelance artists and multichannel audio and music can be added with fine control of timing and volume to match the style of the video.

Delivery & video marketing

The final High Definition video file can be optimised for delivery across a wide range of devices and uses - including iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices, web video streaming, podcasts and DVD. We can also handle video marketing and create company specific video channels on YouTube and other video sharing sites and upload the files for you.