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3D Illustration and Photorealistic Visualisation

A Handful of Colour produce stunning 3d visualisations that can communicate your ideas or products better than drawings or sketches, and much more affordably than prototypes.

These ideas are then rendered into 3D technical illustrations with photo-realistic accuracy, and can be used for investor presentations, client meetings, or marketing purposes. 3D visualisations and illustration that can be used for:

3D medical and pharmaceutical 3D visualisations can help to educate both professionals and consumers to understand the micro world of biology – with accurate modelling, stunning 3D micro-environments can be created and animated for distribution across the world’s expanding device and web networks.

3D animated logos add a new dimension to corporate identities allowing compelling sequences to be developed for exhibition video display, mobile devices and digital out of home advertising using innovative “Glasses-free 3D Screen” technologies.

Architectural 3D models allow for beautiful images to be produced of yet to be built developments, models can then be animated or imported into interactive worlds that allow users to walk through and almost touch these virtual constructions, anything from a simple home extension to a city of the future can be simulated with jaw dropping reality.