Week 52

Week 52 – And just like that its been a year! What a year it has been too! We hope you’ve enjoyed our adventures so far. We could never have predicted what was in store for us in 2020. Like everyone else we popped the bubbly on 31st December 2019 and said here’s to a […]

Week 51

Week 51- Its Christmas! A very quiet Christmas here at Casa Perla Negra. We woke up on Christmas morning and had a lovely zoom call with Mum, Dad and Nathan where we all opened our presents, it was all very modern in a 2020 kind of way! What would we all do without the wonders […]

Week 50

Week 50 – Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We were cheered to see the Christmas tree and lights up in Infiesto and couldn’t resist a quick selfie. A couple of smaller jobs this week with the aim of making more home, less building site. The spotlights that have been hanging from the […]

Week 49

Week 48 – Taking late to a whole new level!! Apologies for these last few weeks of silence, I lost the swing of things and we haven’t been doing much to Casa Perla Negra as work and weather have taken over a tad. Last week I mentioned a bit of car drama… Well over the […]

Week 48

Week 48 – Late again! During Fernando’s visit last week he offered to chop down our very sad walnut tree that was losing branches in the wind. On Tuesday morning he called and said he and a friend were coming and armed with ropes and a chain saw managed to successfully down said tree, It […]

Week 47

Week 47 – Beautiful weather and the waterproofing continues. A busy busy weekend here again. The tin roof shelter is complete so we set our time to tidy up the garden in preparation for the gravel to be wheelbarrowed into position after we Wakka Pack the hardcore down. There were lots of tree branches that […]

Week 46

Week 46 – Beautiful weather and the waterproofing continues. We were lucky enough to have Cris back this week to continue with the waterproofing and he was lucky enough to have the gods of sunshine shining down on him. Mike and I spent the weekend doing some preliminary tree felling to make way for the […]

Week 45

Week 45 – A busy and exciting week at Casa Perla Negra. This week Cris is back helping us with the waterproofing of the back of the house. Our aim is to see if we can redirect the vast amounts of winter rain somewhere else than into the kitchen through the back wall. Cris built […]

Week 44

Week 44 – Back on track! Having lived with the improvements that we made in the kitchen for a few months now we decided that it wasn’t working, especially as we are inside more as the nights draw in. It was too dark and felt claustrophobic. Sadly the damp had already got to the chipboard […]

Week 43

Week 43 – Running late still! This week Mike turned his attentions inside to the cable management and draught proofing. We will never get an A*** rating but if we can stand near a closed window and our hair doesn’t blow in the breeze that would be good!  Little bits of home are emerging now […]