Corporate Identity

Developing your Brand Identity

A brand identity should reflect and emphasise the intrinsic qualities that your company considers to be important, so that it sends out the right message to prospective customers.

Many business owners make the fundamental mistake of rushing their logo design in an effort to get their business off the ground. The logo design process should be given serious consideration during the strategic planning phase to ensure your final corporate identity provides an accurate reflection of your core business values.

A Handful of Colour can help you evolve your visual brand, creating a consistent visual identity across all of your marketing collateral.

We can help you ‘Make your Mark’ with

  • Logo Design and Development
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Management
  • Building Brand Reputation
  • Brand Recognition and Expectation…

By creating a familiar and recognisable brand, you will be creating a long-term relationship with your clients, as well as making a strong personal statement about your identity.