Which to choose? Embroidery? Heat transfer? Dye Sublimation? Or a combo?!

Here we demystify the garment decoration process.

Nothing can compare with the look and feel of a quality embroidered logo. We use only the best Madeira thread to perfectly colour match, Why use yellow when your logo is gold? We see our embroideries as ‘painting with thread’ utilising the digitisation process to adjust stitch direction & style to create visually stunning effects using our industrial 10 colour embroidery machine.

If you are looking for something to advertise your company whilst you get a workout, garment transfers are lightweight and kind to the skin, these transfers can be designed, printed, cut and applied in house. This style of decoration is especially preferable for larger designs where embroidery is not practical.

If you prefer a T-shirt that the design is integrated into the fabric then Dye Sublimation may be for you. This process involves printing your image in reverse using special inks that when transferred to your item using a combination of heat and pressure ‘explode’ in a gas like state onto your item then quickly return to solid leaving a picture perfect permanent image that will last was after wash. Boom!

*Please note the dye sublimation process is only available on Polyester items in white or pastel colours.