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Website Design and Development

For your online presence to leave a lasting impression, your website needs to exude credibility, professionalism and quality.

People spend more time on websites that are visually appealing so A Handful of Colour strives to build contemporary, uncluttered and creative websites that follow your company brand and compliment your offline marketing.

Website Design and Development

Whether you need a simple static brochure website to inform your customers of your service or a full blown Content Managed or E-Commerce website, we’ll ensure that it is creatively designed, easy to navigate and search engine friendly.

Content Managed Websites

A website that has a Content Management System (CMS) will give you full control of future editing through a browser based interface so that you can update any content such as service pages, staff profiles, news, images, articles and blog posts. The beauty of a CMS is the extensive use of 3rd party plugins – so that any website can be developed to encompass new functionality easily should the need arise.

E-Commerce Websites

An E-Commerce website should be your top sales asset and one that will be effective and work hard 24/7. Building an E-Commerce website involves not just designing a good looking website that has easy to use navigation, but also the integration of payment gateways and product data feeds.

A Handful of Colour can not only help you through the whole process so that your site is up and running with the minimum of fuss, but additionally integrate email marketing and bespoke landing pages to drive sales.

By investing time and effort into a website that projects your business as a leader in your field of expertise, you set yourself apart from the sea of competition and increase the likelihood of tapping into a broader online market. A professional website is a great way of creating a point of difference and generating interest. A Handful of Colour are a full service design company, so yes we can build and develop your website, but we can also write the copy and ensure it ranks well with the search engines too.

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How well is your website optimised?

Our SEO health check is the first step in putting together a successful SEO strategy. We will analyse all aspects of your website – its content, the competition, keywords, back-links etc to ascertain how it is performing and how it can be improved.

Does your website have a link building strategy?

One of the most important factors for determining a website’s ranking in search engine results is the number of links from other websites to that site – otherwise known as back links. Google in particular uses back links to determine rankings in its PageRank system. Yahoo! and Bing also use it as one of several factors affecting their rankings.

A successful link-building strategy should think about both the quantity and quality of incoming links.

A back link is most valuable when:

Does your website welcome search engines?

By which we mean, when a search engine indexes you website, does it have easy to follow links, is it written to take into account keywords and phrases and are all internal and external links working correctly. Our SEO health check analyses a number of aspects including:

How well does your website rank against your competition?

Our SEO health check will check your current rank against your competitors, taking in to account factors such as back link profile, social media presence, site structure and how the site fits within and complements you brand.

Can visitors navigate your website easily?

Visiting a website is a journey – we consider this very carefully as visitors need to land on the most appropriate page to their search terms – ultimately this will effect your website conversion rate.

Is your website properly optimised for your target keywords?

Our service generates a full keyword analysis, based around your business, your target market and your competition. Before this happens though we will spend time working with you to gain an insight into your business, brand, marketplace and products or services. This will give us the basis of suggested campaigns based on industry relevant keywords and phrases, search volumes and allow us to drive increased traffic to your website and help to increase conversion rates.

From an external perspective

We will assess the quality and quantity of links pointing to your website, the actual anchor text around these links, whether you have a blog, whether you communicate via social media and your overall online presence.

What you will get from us

Based on the above factors we will provide a report and list of recommendations that we consider will benefit your website. We will give you an outline of costs and structured plan to achieve these goals.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Simply making sure your website can be found easily by the major search engines such as Google and ensuring that the site also ranks well (preferably page one) for any given search term.

The websites, for instance, that Google ranks on page one of its search results for any given search term are the ones that they consider to be the most relevant and useful. They determine which websites are the most useful and relevant by using a complex mathematical process which takes into account over 200 different factors.

Most Search Engine Optimisation companies agree that the following are important ranking factors…

  • Keyword usage
  • Site structure
  • Site speed
  • Time spent on site
  • Number of inbound links
  • Quality of inbound links

A Handful of Colour make sure that all on-page SEO, such as keyword optimised copy, page titles and meta description tags are done as a matter of course when we build websites. We can also provide off-page optimisation that can include link building, blogging, article submission, social media and video marketing to name a few.

On page SEO

This the first thing to get right and that should be done at the stage of building and developing any website.

On page optimisation will usually include:

  • Meta title, meta description and heading tag optimisation
  • Keyword density optimisation and further content writing
  • Internal linking optimisation
  • Site map creation and uploading to Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Optional landing page creation and optimisation
  • Deletion of duplicate content
  • Page URL optimisation
  • Image alt text optimisation
  • Outgoing link checking
  • Page “freshness” – ensuring a steady flow of new content
  • Server configuration and speed optimisation

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Managed PPC advertising campaigns to instantly attract qualified visitors to your website

Pay Per Click (PPC) is undoubtably the way to reach your target audience extremely quickly. Within hours, your advertising campaign can be achieving results across a number of channels – providing an instant flow of qualified visitors to your website.

How we manage AdWords campaigns for profit

Some points to bear in mind

Focusing on AdWords ROI is wrong! It really is. ROI is Not Profit.

Another error businesses make with AdWords is to focus on Return on Investment. AdWords ROI is the wrong Key Performance Indicator for a business. To understand more, read AdWords ROI explained.

The biggest mistake businesses make with Google AdWords

The biggest mistake businesses make with AdWords is nothing to do with AdWords at all. It is that they don’t design their websites to convert visitors into paying customers. I know why this happens so often – it’s because the four skills sets you need to build a converting website are rarely found in one web design business. You actually need

The majority of web design companies provide just two of these and also get in a complete muddle when it comes to things like search engine optimisation.

Conversion – what internet marketing is all about – is a problem that we meet all the time: you drive top quality targeted traffic to a client’s website and it just bounces off.

Remember – Websites that don’t convert – don’t convert with AdWords either! Or with any other source of web traffic.

It is the equivalent of running a highly effective series of ads in a newspaper to get people to visit a new shop that is dirty, only partly stocked, badly lit, run by unfriendly staff, in a depressing part of town and often closed!

You just won’t make sales.

AdWords ROI – the Wrong KPI

Google AdWords advertisers often focus on their Return on Investment. They like to spend £x and make £5x profit or more.

But to focus on ROI is to miss a fundamental point about pay per click advertising: profitable advertising is profitable advertising. ROI is the wrong Key Performance Indicator.

The easiest way to see this is to work through an example.

Calculating AdWords ROI

Suppose each sale makes you £10 in profit and that you need 10 visitors to your site on average to make one sale. Suppose too that you are buying traffic for 10p a visitor.

It is costing you £1 per sale (10 visitors) and you are getting a return on investment of 1000% because for each £1 you spend you are making £10 in profit.

That’s a good ROI.

But suppose that you could double your traffic by doubling the amount you pay for each click and moving your ad up the ranks.

Your cost per sale has shot up to £2 because clicks cost twice as much and you still need 10 of them on average to make a sale. So your profit per sale has reduced to £9.

and your AdWords ROI has been slashed to 450%. Disaster!

Except it’s not. Let’s look at the profitability.

Where we were getting £10 in profit we are now getting 2 x £9 in profit. So we are making £18 instead of £10.

Our ROI is worse but the profit has jumped by 80%.


Thanks to our friends at Commercial PPC for helping with this content


Our Pay Per Click service includes:

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Helping you engage with your customers by creating interesting and relevant content.

The most important part of any website is having engaging and above all, relevant written content, that is not only optimised for search engines but is attractive informative and easy to read for visitors – and for attracting link partners. A Handful of Colour has an in house team of experienced copywriters that can take the strain away from any internal resources you may have. Our team regularly produce interesting and authoritative articles, blog posts, forum comments, social media updates and of course webpage content.

Of course written content is only part of the story of developing an interesting and engaging website. In the past, most of the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have concentrated on search results based on text, video content is now becoming increasingly important and will, from most research undertaken , begin to overtake traditional text search results in a few years. Its all about balance and presenting content based on your audience – so well written copy will always have its place, but supported by professionally produced video, visually interesting info graphics and quality images.

A Handful of Colour – telling your story, driving traffic and increasing your internet presence through content marketing.