In January 2020 Mike and I embarked on our biggest adventure yet. The purchase of Casa Perla Negra, two cottages set in a beautiful village called La Rebollada in Cabranes, Asturias. After a long buying process we finally took possession of the keys and set about the start of a long road to making our forever home a comfortable place to live. A BIG job and something that will take quite some time to renovate. Bearing in mind that the previous owner moved out aged 102! This is week 1 and our starting point. We got cracking quickly as you will see, aided by our friend and trusty builder Cris, removing the old wood fired range as we had discovered behind peeling wallpaper upstairs that the chimney breast was decidedly unsafe.

Each week I will update with a new set of photos from the previous week, sometimes only a few dependent upon our progress. We hope you will enjoy following our great Spanish adventures.