Week 13 and the sun shines, Spring has sprung and the Wheel B Q is born!

With all of this extra time on our hands and the trips to the supermarket being so vile we decided it was time to kickstart the vegetable garden. This is a small fenced plot of land directly in front of the house. The neighbours had been asking when we were going to get planting and had even come and scythed the grass down for us in anticipation so we thought we ought to get cracking. Before lockdown a chap in the Cafe Venecia had given us two red currant bushes as a housewarming gift so these were the first plants to go in. I dug a small patch that felt like the size of a football pitch, the neighbours kept chuckling as they passed watching me sweat. Then one evening after id huffed and puffed Rufino our 89 year old neighbour appeared with a hand tool and showed me that id been doing it all wrong! haha! Luckily we had several of these tools in the shed that we had inherited and I was able to make more swift progress removing the turf.

Whilst the days were hot hot the evenings were chilly and we were feeling the need for a BBQ and a fire to keep warm. Mike invented the Wheel B Q using an old wheelbarrow with a flat tyre and some sprung metal work from an old bed. It worked splendidly as a fire pit but the smell of burning lead paint meant that the BBQ ribs would have to wait until the Webber was delivered!