The invasion of the Asian Wasps!

We had been seeing a large Asian wasp flying around the house and in and out of the roof tiles and we feared a nest. I made contact with the local Protection Civil – a volunteer group who aid in crowd control on fiesta days, taking food and medication to the people who are shielding amongst other duties they are trying to control the asian wasps in the county. At 9pm on Sunday night when id all but given up on them coming the rolled up with a big ladder armed with some industrial bug spray and investigated. Thankfully no nest but the spray made the queen who had been hanging around leave pretty rapidly. They left us with an ugly but effective bottle trap to entice any others that may pass by. 

We, well when I say we i mean Sparrow, also found this wonderful Iberian Emerald lizard. Thanks again to Mum and dad for the identification. It wasn’t dead, just faking it to stop Sparrow eating it. It was safely relocated to the hedge row where it ran away.

A busy week in the garden again, the base for the greenhouse going in, many hours of strimming and watching seeds grow.