Into Week 24 and Phase 3, Things are starting to happen again and we were able to take delivery of some wood from our lovely friends at the woodyard and some topsoil to fill the new raised beds. Rather more than we needed but it was cheaper to buy 5 ‘Big Bags’ worth loose than it was to buy just two Big Bags with the bags!¬†

In this topsoil was this wonderful characterful creature! He is a European Mole Cricket. His front paws are diggy like a mole and he wears a splendid little helmet. Sadly he is VERY bad for the garden and we hope we don’t find any more. We relocated him to the field across the road and hope he doesn’t fly back.

We also welcomed back the lovely Cris to help us make progress with the bathroom as we are still having to go next door to shower. He did a fab job of removing the old shower tray and  replacing the loo plus getting the walls of the new shower ready for tiling.