Week 26 – The new normal.

With the beginning of week 26 as we enter ‘the new normal’ The aeroplanes return to our blue skies, It feels strangely unsettling knowing that people who may not be as careful as us are arriving on our shores. Thankfully most of these planes are heading down to the Costas in the south so our little corner of the world remains one of the only places in Spain to continue to be virus free. Long may it last.

As we were allowed to travel a little further afield our Spanish accountant called us in for a tax meeting and we had an appointment at Trafico, the Spanish equivalent of the DVLA, to change the car registration to the new house – Now some of you may know I have a pair of lucky socks for every occasion and I was quite in a muddle as to wether to wear my wise person socks or my traffic socks as we had to go to both places… Problem solved, one of each! And they worked, our car was successfully registered and the tax bill halved – Phew!! One of the benefits appointments in Gijon is the beautiful beach where we stopped for a quick beer in the sunshine. We also went to see the beautiful church built into a cave right here in Infiesto, It is a stunning place.

 The garden patios are coming along and Mikeowl has found his forever perch. 

We did have a cracker of a thunderstorm one afternoon and poor Sira was most displeased, while she never normally tries to come in the house she shot in and took refuge in the kitchen, we didn’t have the heart to boot her out so there she stayed until the neighbours cane and took her home.