Week 27 and lots going on, We haven’t been able to use the balconies on the houses very much as the wood was so rotten, In order to get the one in the living house more user friendly, we laid some chipboard down, covered it with some bamboo matting and it now makes a perfect morning coffee spot.

We decided the time was right to ask for permission to change one of the two windows in the back of the house to a door so we have access to the back garden without having to walk round so Mike did a little 3D to show the town hall and with the 40 euro fee paid permission was granted! 

The skies were so very beautiful this week and after a days hard work on the patio and garden it is just magical to sit and stare.

You may be wondering what happened to poor punky… Well he got knocked over and needed major plastic surgery to repair his wing, you will be pleased to hear he has made a full recovery!