Week 29 – Sparrow update, we went to the vet and got her some anti itch pills, her scabs have healed so off with the cone and all is well again.

Mike decided the new patio needed a gin & tonic perch so set about using the wood offcuts to make a table, I think it is splendid! Fernando and Isa came round for Vermouth time on Sunday, 1pm here on a Sunday is the time to meet friends and family and just as the name suggests, drink vermouth, I can safely say it slows the day down! haha! 

I spent a day strimming the back garden which is a hard but very satisfying job. We found some more wonderful wildlife that we’d never heard of before and we discovered the existence of the potato fruit… As I was watering the garden I spotted what I thought was a tomato on our potato plant, how very odd… I was sure it was a potato as the flowers identified it so. I wondered if it was a hybrid as i’d seen a plant called Ketchup and Fries that had potatoes underground and cherry toms on top. I did what is always best and called Mum! She told me under no uncertain circumstances was I to eat said ‘tomato’ as it is poisonous and was in fact a potato fruit. This happens when the flowers are pollinated under the correct conditions. Ive told a few folk and no-one had ever heard of it before, even the farmers had never seen one! Thank goodness for Mum or we may have tried to eat it if it had been riper. 

We did however manage to eat our first courgettes and they were delicious with roast pork Sunday dinner. We have six plants so we are harvesting them as baby veg otherwise we may turn into a courgette by the end of the season!