Week 31 – Not a lot to report this week I’m afraid, with the weather being so ridiculously hot we decided to have a slow week.

We enjoyed a drink in the 4 star hotel just up the road which feels a little like you are on holiday yet we can see the road to go home which is nice. Mike made a delicious meal of fresh trout, potato rosti and courgette served 3 ways.

The little cat was quite unhappy with the 40 degree heat and so found lots of places to hide in the shade of the garden much to Sparrows great excitement, it was like an epic game of hide and seek for her! 

On Thursday we tried to find a place to swim but after trying every beach and river spot between here and Ribadelsella we ended up with our poor mans swimming pool… the sprinkler – you will be pleased to know there are no photos of that experience!