Week 32 and another week of veggie gardening and not a lot else as it was Mikes Birthday, we took a long weekend and went into the city on Friday and generally mooched on Saturday and Sunday.

My the garden is growing great guns though I am struggling to keep on top of the caterpillar infestation on the brassicas, I think next year we may have to net them to keep the butterflies off. As always we have had some friendly and some not so friendly looking critters visit this week, Jimmeny Cricket stuck around most of the day, sadly though he interested Sparrow a little too much and she did her best bush tucker trial impression. Poor Jimmeny was no more. The White Horn Tail wasp was facinating to watch with its long egg laying pointy thing (I know there is a word for it but I can’t remember it!) We left her to do her thing and she didn’t bother us.

We did manage a trip to the garden centre where Mike bought me a new rose called Bonita and then made me a lovely pot to plant it up in until we create the rose garden in the back, at the moment it is tricky to decide where to plant things where they will not have to be moved or risk getting damaged when we start the ground works for the big build. 

Cris is coming next week though so more exciting wall demolishing pics next week!