Week 33 and exciting things are happening once again.

Up until now, in order to get to the other side of the house we had to go out one front door and into the other You would think this isn’t too much of a hardship until you know that we sleep on one side and shower on the other, its a bit like getting all of your things together to go to the shower block at a campsite! Inevitably you forget something essential like your pants! 

Having watched Cris make light work of installing the back door we decided it was time to add an internal door to link the houses even if it is through two bedrooms, the door is actually in its forever location and will link the living room to our bedroom in the grand plan.

This was more of a job than the back door as, for a start there was no existing hole, Cris inserted 4 lintels to hold the supporting beam we discovered and to stop the rubble falling from above and then it was a case of carefully bashing out the stone. Again I wonder how this house has stood here for over 100 years with the stone being held together by only mud.

Having the door has been a joy and has spared the neighbours from our morning dressing gown dashes for which I’m sure they are ever grateful.

Cris is back next week to finish chipping off the sharp edges and put some plaster board up to save scuffing shoulders and then maybe we will get him to bash another wall out… Watch this space…