Week 34 and as promised another wall demolished!

With the two new doors it felt right to take out the dividing wall between the two existing bedrooms, this area will eventually be the top of the stairwell so it was going to come down eventually.

Time to replace the flooring with some laminate and get the place a bit tidier. We had intended for this to be our bedroom for the time being but having seen it empty we have decided it will make a nice living room so, all change again! In just 8 months we have now slept in 3 different rooms in the house. A long way to go with paint, plasterboard and flooring but it is coming along nicely which is more than can be said for the back garden which now looks like a ‘pinto limpio’ (dump!) Bettwe get it sorted in the next couple of days as we are expecting a storm at the end of the week! Lets hope the roof holds up!

Watch this space…