Week 35 and a quiet wet week here at Casa Perla Negra.

As expected we had a weekend of torrential rain which gave us the opportunity to really see how rubbish the guttering on the roof is and just how necessary it is to create a dry space at the back of the house where there is no guttering at all so the water runs straight off the roof into a gully that the previous owner presumably created to divert the water, however, it doesn’t! Mops and buckets to the ready as the water started coming in under the stairs again…

The rain was good for one thing though… the garden! Mike spent an hour processing courgettes for the freezer and we were able to sample our first ever home grown broccoli, very nice it was too.

We started to tackle the storage bedroom on Sunday afternoon as it was still in the state from the day we moved in and everything was well and truly dumped! 

A few weeks ago mum sent me a photo of her beautiful red lilies and she wasn’t sure what type they were although she had had them since I was little and they came to flower most years, using Plant Net app we managed to identify them as Scarborough Lily. Now I had two buckets of bulbs that I also could not identify that I had uncovered from the grass and brambles when we arrived that id just about given up on as they were all leaf and no flowers. A week after we identified mums lily as if by magic out popped exactly the same flower! Spooky coincidence! The rain has done them good and they are quite a splendid display, so much so that when they’ve gone over I shall repot them into a more fitting pot for such a beautiful flower display.