Week 36 – Another reasonably quiet week here as Autumn starts to set in.

We awoke after all of last weeks rain to snow on the Picos de Europa mountain range, it didn’t last long as we had temperatures creeping up to 35 degrees again throughout the week with a dramatic drop at the weekend with more rain.

The strange weather gave Mike time to make some spicy apple and courgette pickle which will be lovely for cheese sandwiches in the next months to come.

We also started to plan the living room layout whilst we wait for the paint sprayer to be delivered. The first picture, looking out on to the front of the house was looking lovely and tidy, however looks can be deceptive! Turn around and the place is a workshop all set up ready for the filling, painting and then the floor, I shall remind Mike that he told me I could soon go fabric shopping for curtain material, after all of the power tool purchases I’m due a treat!

Another wildlife find this week, a Privet Hawkmoth caterpillar, he was very funny floloping and wiggling on the driveway, however we quickly realised he must be very uncomfortable on the hot stone so he was swiftly relocated somewhere that he could burrow in order to gain his wings and hopefully he will come back and visit when he can fly.