Week 38 – Still playing catch up!

This week has been all about the beetroot! I was slightly concerned about the flavour and texture of our beetroot as the one I pulled up was 1.5 kilos and they do say bigger isn’t always better with veg. Mike cooked it up in the pressure cooker and it was delicious thankfully. Cheese and beetroot sandwiches, beetroot in spaghetti bol, beetroot salads etc for lunch all week – and that was just one!

Sparrow went for a long over due groom in Cangas de Onis and Mike managed to take the day off to come with us which was a great treat for us all. She was feeling very money supermarket afterwards as you can see.

Mike also built a shelf for the balcony to replace the table which was too wide to scoot round if we were all sitting there and as the balcony has a precarious tilt towards the edge a shelf was a safer option. He really enjoyed using some new tools and now I’ve got a spot for some house plants too.