Week 39 – Behind again! 

Another relatively quiet week here, although we did enlist the services of a local ex pat man with a van to help us out with what we thought would be one trip to the dump… Turned out we still had a lot of stuff! Two trips to the dump later although the chap did take a fancy to some of our stuff so it has a second lease of life. I don’t mind that at all, one mans rubbish is another treasure and the less that goes to landfill the better in my opinion. The neighbours helped out on that front too and took the pellet gun we found under a bed and the owners old Vespino motorbike, turns out they have one already but it needed some spare parts so they were delighted we asked.

Mike has been turning his attention to the bathrooms this week and has put up a shelf in the usable bathroom and is busy making storage cupboards in the one that is waiting for the shower to be tiled. He is at his happiest with a power tool in his hand, I however didn’t appreciate the ton of sawdust that ended up all over the lounge. Roll on the budget to build a workshop!