Week 4 and its time for Ivan the electrician to work his magic. The guys were working so quickly we had to finish building a temporary wall in the kitchen overnight so that they could finish!

We also bought a pellet burning stove on offer from Leroy Merlin, now I’m not sure if you know the size of a Peugeot 107… well to say its not very big is an understatement! However with some positive thinking, a forklift and some serious grunt we got the beast in the car! Getting it out at the other end was a different story! Thank goodness Ivan and his colleague were still working and it was quite the job getting it out again! Mike even had to remove the boot catch. I did chuckle when the chap at Leroy said we would have to cut the roof off to get it out again… he was almost right!

This week we also started the furniture removal, when you buy a house in Spain it is quite usually for the owners to leave anything they don’t want. In this case ALL of the furniture, 12 beds, 38 chairs, 6 wardrobes, 2 dressers etc etc… Once again the Peugeot came in handy to take stuff to the local pinto limpio (council run drop off point for unwanted stuff that is basically just a gated compound that you leave stuff stacked up outside. I thought they would eventually get fed up with just how much stuff but we never got told off!