Week 40 – On time! Woohoo! 

Just when I had got on top of the dust from the woodwork M decided part of the ceiling needed to come down between the bedroom and the lounge! Out comes Kevin the Kartcher again! Best hoover I’ve ever had and looks like a minion to boot! What more could a girl want? 

With the nights getting darker, temperatures dropping Sparrow is reluctant to go out and about and made herself very clear that a walk in the horizontal rain was not an option bless her, we did manage to find a break in the weather to walk along the river path which was beautiful as always. I must remember to take some pics down there to show you, it is like fairy land. We were quite surprised to see that our pouring rain had fallen as quite heavy snow up on the mountains, a delight to see from our balcony.

Inside for a delicious local steak an a cosy by the pellet burner. This cut provided us with 4 meals and was very yummy.

I spent most of yesterday mopping up the puddle that had been pouring in to the kitchen at the bottom of the stairs, we need to wait for a break in the weather so we can attach some guttering and see if we can dry the place out. Once again I wonder how this place is still standing! The rain also bought us a small furry visitor which kept Sparrow busy for ages, the little bugger had stolen some peas and sweetcorn from the bin and had made a stash behind the microwave… right next to the mouse trap! Sneaky mouse! Bin out overnight in future.

Off to Gijon next week to collect our new residency cards and probably a trip to Bricomart (B&Q) as it seems we are incapable of driving past… The list is never ending.