Week 41 – Happy Birthday to me!!

A lovely and productive week this week.

I shall spare you the successes of the mouse trap pictures especially as our first success was to capture a VERY large slug – bleaughhhh! Trap swiftly binned as I wasn’t going to clean it. This was the start of a rather rubbish day for me… We were up super early as we had to go to Gijon to collect our new Brexit approved residency cards. Having dealt with mr slug and standing bare foot in the puddle at the bottom of the stairs from the rain, I decided to go for my shower… Crash bang whollop… I fell head over bum! Thankfully no damage done except for a few bruises and my pride as M had to help me up as I was like a slightly less delicate Bambi on ice! It spurred me on to prioritise finishing the walk in shower.

Our day improved, as we were greeted with the most beautiful sunrise, We then headed into Gijon, cards collected, although with the wrong wording but this is a known misprint that the government are aware of so no action needed as yet. We headed to the aquarium as my birthday treat. We were a tad concerned as we are avoiding crowds at all costs but we were the only people thereat was like a private audience with the sea. We then went for our obligatory beer and were presented with two free slices of the best pizza we have ever eaten! Woohoo. 

Back at home a break in the weather whilst Mike continued to turn the lounge into a workshop I cleared out the vegetable garden and made a temporary compost heap recycling a sand ‘big bag’ We then finally lit the bonfire as it is now October and the risk of being fined is over. We also found these wonderful mushrooms, we are told they are edible but we weren’t quite confident enough to brave it.

Added Picture of Sparrow looking splendid after her hairdresser appointment a couple of weeks ago sent to me by the groomer. Then the after picture as she usually looks like, sadly coned again as she is still scratching her ears. Fingers crossed we can get her settled soon.