Week 42 – Running late again!

A quiet week here at Casa Perla Negra. With stormy skies and rain looming we turned our attention to the beginning stages of the waterproofing of the back of the house again. I spent a day strimming and clearing out the gulley behind the house which was full of mud and leaves etc that had slid from the non re-enforced bank over the year. A messy job but quite satisfying. It did however reveal that there was no way on earth that the gulley could do the job of channelling the water away as it sloped in the wrong direction and is full of cracks! No wonder we have a puddle in the kitchen when it rains! 

Work will commence on guttering and a waterproof structure in the next few weeks to test the theory as to wether we need to gat a digger in and dig a french drain or if it is mostly caused by rain falling from the roof and into the gulley… We shall see!