Week 45 – A busy and exciting week at Casa Perla Negra.

This week Cris is back helping us with the waterproofing of the back of the house. Our aim is to see if we can redirect the vast amounts of winter rain somewhere else than into the kitchen through the back wall.

Cris built a sloped deck covered in rubber and installed guttering, as for some reason there was none at all. We got to test it out on Sunday when it rained and bar a few, fixable, drips all was successful.

Cris is back again next week to move on to the second half of the back which will include a tin roof shelter that we can sit under and enjoy the chimenea in the cooler, wetter months.

Mike helped our lovely friend Carolina to create a spinning display stand for her shop out of electrical cable bobbins and Sparrow was more than happy to test it out for her. Pictures to follow when Carolina has worked her magic with a paint brush.

More waterproofing pictures next week provided we don’t end up in a stricter lockdown which would prevent Cris from coming. Fingers crossed we turn a corner and the numbers start to drop.