Week 46 – Beautiful weather and the waterproofing continues.

We were lucky enough to have Cris back this week to continue with the waterproofing and he was lucky enough to have the gods of sunshine shining down on him.

Mike and I spent the weekend doing some preliminary tree felling to make way for the tin roofing and Mike set his mind to making the steps into the garden so we didn’t have to scale the mud slide.

We took delivery of 3 big bags of gravel that I am quite dreading having to move. It will be worth it in the end though. Prior to this I needed to move 2 big piles of hard core that we had dumped in the garden when we knocked down some internal walls. The grass and brambles had taken over the piles making it a horrid job but it was very satisfying when it was done.

Im also turning my hand to dry stone walling to make use of the rocks that came out of the house when the back door was knocked through, a fun jigsaw job that I hope will look good when I’m done and will create lots of nice lizard hiding places.

We found a new vet for Sparrow on a recommendation from a friend and after a 45 minute consultation with vet McDreamy, if Carlsberg made vets!! He decided we needed to try her on a grain free diet and a course of cortisone and antibiotics to get on top of her itching. It worked a treat and she is much happier and is filling her days with mole hunting. She’s not caught one yet thankfully but its a muddy job. 

Sparrow and I went for a wet walk on Thursday and had quite the adventure. I took a track that I thought led back to our village and got stuck in the mud up to the top of my wellies, thankfully there was a fence that wasn’t barbed wire ( a rarity here) that I was able to drag myself out of said bog. I decided that rather than go back the way we came I’d try and get to the main road through a field. The only way down to said road was to limbo under the barbed wire fence and slide on my bum down the bank in the mud! 8000 steps later Past lots of bemused workmen re surfacing the road and passing motorists a very muddy duo made it home for a nice hot bath!