Week 47 – Beautiful weather and the waterproofing continues.

A busy busy weekend here again.

The tin roof shelter is complete so we set our time to tidy up the garden in preparation for the gravel to be wheelbarrowed into position after we Wakka Pack the hardcore down.

There were lots of tree branches that needed processing and organising into what we need to keep for the fire and what could be burned on the bonfire. As we had a fire burning I embarked on the strimming and bramble bashing. It’s very satisfying burning brambles. 

Mike continued with the back porch stone wall and gravel laying which makes it a pleasure to walk out of the back door now. 

Our lovely friends Fernando and Isa came to see us on Saturday evening for a few alfresco drinks. Fernando is the owner of the Cafe Venecia in Infiesto which is sadly temporarily closed due to Covid-19 so he is very bored and was anxious to help. He did a marvellous job of burning everything that would burn in the garden. All of the historic floorboards are now gone! He has also offered to come with a friend to fell our old half dead walnut tree before it falls over and takes out the electricity cable. This will also provide us with more wood for next year. 

We are expecting a drop in temperature next week with some rain forecast, we will then be able to properly test the waterproofing and give our aching bodies a rest!!