Week 48 – Late again!

During Fernando’s visit last week he offered to chop down our very sad walnut tree that was losing branches in the wind. On Tuesday morning he called and said he and a friend were coming and armed with ropes and a chain saw managed to successfully down said tree, It was a scary process with it being so close to the house, road and overhead power cables. With a lot of head scratching a plan was devised and the tree fell without damage to the aforementioned. Luis, Fernando’s friend suggested that he cut us some disks from the tree to ‘remember’ it by. It was a special tree to our neighbours with one man even telling us he remembered planting it with his father. Thankfully we had no backlash or dramas from them as they cut trees down willy nilly here to stay warm. We will plant another to replace it though. The main log is too heavy to move and Luis, a Carpenter by trade, said it was too beautiful to cut for firewood so suggested we cut it into long lengths to use as shelves or the like so we now await another friend with a better chainsaw than ours to split it. The rest we will dry out for future fire wood, when and if it ever stops raining…

The weather came in as promised with freezing temperatures, high winds an torrential rain. We soon learned that all of our efforts to keep the water from inside the kitchen had sadly failed! In fact we had a new flood in a different place to the last. This was partially my fault as when i’d cleared the gulley i’d left a pile of mud at the bottom and this acted like a dam and in whooshed the water at about 12:30 at night.  5 buckets mopped up, Mike out in the storm removing the dam and we finally got to bed at about 3am.

We had a lovely weekend of woodworking the bathroom cabinets, tidying and moving furniture around and at the end of Sunday we were feeling like things had found a home. My office became a dressing room. My computer is back in the corner of the bedroom where it is much warmer, I’d spent a day on my computer this week wearing a coat, hat, two blankets and a hot water bottle by the gas fire and was still freezing. Not good for productivity. 

As I’m writing this a little late in the week I can tell you to look forward to reading about this weeks car dramas next Monday! I can almost laugh about it… well almost as I’ve not yet had the bill!