Week 48 – Taking late to a whole new level!!

Apologies for these last few weeks of silence, I lost the swing of things and we haven’t been doing much to Casa Perla Negra as work and weather have taken over a tad.

Last week I mentioned a bit of car drama… Well over the previous weeks my little car had been sounding a little ropey. I took it into the local Peugeot garage for a service and they told me that one of the baffles in the exhaust had come loose. No need for urgent action but it would need to be done before my next MOT in February. Hmmm seems they were wrong!

After a day of nannying I was driving home at about 6pm in the sleet and wind when the noise became quite dramatic and then bang! I pulled over onto the hard shoulder and remembered all of the Spanish rules when you break down.  Hi-visibility vest, hazard lights on, warning triangle out. and inspected the damage. Yes my exhaust was hanging on by a thread. Frustratingly I could see the garage on the lower road beneath me.

I called Mike who was home working and he called Cris our friend and builder as of course we only have the one car so Mike couldn’t get to me without him. The boys got to me in record time which was great as my worry wart mind was trying to work out if the place I was standing was the safest place… It was behind a crash barrier so away from the traffic but against a steep embankment prone to rockslides! I called Mum and Dad to keep me company on the phone whilst I was waiting although I didn’t tell them that I had convinced myself I may buried in a rock avalanche at any minute as I didn’t want to worry them any more than they were already! In true form Mike and Cris saved the day and were able to detach the exhaust and creep the car to the garage, naughtily as that is definitely NOT allowed in Spain, you must call your insurance company and get a tow truck. Something the ladies at the garage told me very sternly when I collected the car. Oops!

The drama didn’t stop there as the garage was closed when we arrived to leave the car and they have no post box to leave the key… Sooooo off we went to Infiesto to leave the key with our lovely friend Carolina who of course wasn’t home and was in fact visiting her Grandmother at the other end of town. By this time I was cold, wet and very much in need of a large glass of wine. Carolina then kindly dropped the key to the garage in the morning for us.

When I got the call to say the car was ready to collect I had a bit of a dumb moment and decided I would walk the 10 or so kilometres to pick it up rather than call a taxi, I have a mental block about speaking Spanish on the phone. I made it as far as the next set of houses and my neighbour, one I’ve only spoken to briefly, told me the error of my ways and promptly got his car and drove me down to town. Such kind people here! So car all fixed and didn’t break the bank too much which was a relief!

Meanwhile Mike had a good weekend of woodworking and managed to finish the bathroom cupboards and get the flooring down. I really feels like a little corner of home now which is nice. Even though it is all temporary until we save up enough to do the big reform it makes such a difference to have a clean and tidy space. Hopefully we can get the shower tiled soon and a door on.