Week 50 – Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We were cheered to see the Christmas tree and lights up in Infiesto and couldn’t resist a quick selfie.

A couple of smaller jobs this week with the aim of making more home, less building site.

The spotlights that have been hanging from the ceiling for the best part of a year got put into place once Mike had painted round the holes. They are spring loaded and will prove to be quite tough to remove topping the ceiling so a quick lick of paint round the holes and a soppy kiss and hug message left for me to find made me smile. 

He also replaced the ply board window sills in the bedroom with some wood that we bought from the UK. This wood has had so many lives as surfaces and shelves and work benches that it was only fitting that they found a home here too.

We had a reasonable day weather wise over the weekend and I was able to mound up another mountain of a bonfire and Mike chain sawed up the fallen tree so we could move it from the hedge row. Still more processing of that tree but at least it’s not lying where it fell anymore.