Week 52 – And just like that its been a year!

What a year it has been too! We hope you’ve enjoyed our adventures so far. We could never have predicted what was in store for us in 2020. Like everyone else we popped the bubbly on 31st December 2019 and said here’s to a fabulous 2020 with no clue what was to come. We are so blessed to have had Casa Perla Negra this year to keep us busy, occupied and well… just going really. This year would have looked very different for us if we had still been in Casa Azul, our old rental, with no ability to do DIY or to grow our own veg and let Sparrow run in the garden. Things just fell into place for us.

We are very aware of the people that don’t have what we have, more so during this difficult year. Our friends who live in flats with no outside space, our friends who live alone and those who we have lost along the way. I believe this year has changed us all in so many ways and I choose to take the positive from that and head into 2021 with all of the  compassion and new life lessons we have picked up and appreciate what we have every day more so than ever. So here’s to a better 2021 – although it may take a while to get going, we hope we can share Casa Perla Negra with some of you in person and visit others but for now – Stay safe, well and home x

PS – Sorry for the lack of photos this week but Sparrow says Cheers!