Week 9 and we are moving in!

Our lovely friends Carolina and her husband Manuel kindly offered to help on moving day, We hired a van and Manuel used his too. Isn’t it amazing just how much stuff we accumulate! It was a looooooonnnnnggg day and we were all a bit broken but nothing a tin of Mahou beer and a rum and coke couldn’t fix.

We still had no kitchen to speak of at this point but a quick fix with a butane gas camping hob and an extension cable as we had moved the oven from where Ivan had put its plug and chef Vince was ready to cook. We didn’t even have any water on this side so we had to take the washing up over to the other house. 

Sparrow is settling in well and very much enjoying hunting for mice in the cupboards although she is yet to catch one.

We had a bit of excitement when the Guardia turned up in our neighbours field as he was having a bonfire on a day that it was deemed not allowed, the fines for this are huge. We can’t seem to figure out the rules so we are still taking the furniture that we could have burnt to the punto limpio to avoid a chopper copper visit!